Janet Connors Stevens GG, ASA
Master Gemologist Appraiser®
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Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers

Independent Professional Appraiser of Diamonds, gemstones, Fine Jewelry.

Janet Connors Stevens is an accredited, independent jewelry appraiser serving clients in the Bellevue and Seattle, Washington area. Her area of expertise involves appraisal of jewelry including diamonds, colored gemstones, antique and vintage jewelry for insurance, casualty loss, estate valuation, equal or equitable distribution of property, liquidation, consultation for purchase related decisions, estate planning, and non-cash charitable donation (IRS deduction) as well as litigation support.  

Prior to her career in the jewelry industry, Ms. Stevens was educated as an English teacher.  Over the years she worked children, adults and professionals in a variety of instructional capacities. 

Ms. Stevens has been involved in the jewelry industry for more then twenty years.  She earned her Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma in 1984. She is one of only forty Master Gemologist Appraisers® in the United States.  As part of criteria for that designation, she has a complete gemological laboratory. 

The Accredited Senior Appraiser designation with the American Society of Appraisers requires continuing education and recertification every five years to maintain qualifications.