How do you select a jewelry appraiser?

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  How do you select a Jewelry Appraiser?  
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Gemological Education
Appraising jewelry involves much more than knowledge of gemology. A gemologist learns how to identify and grade loose gemstones. An appraiser must have knowledge beyond gem identification.

Appraisal Education
Qualified appraisers have been educated in valuation theory. Different assignments require different values and it is incumbent upon appraisal professionals to know the purposes and intended uses of appraisal documents.

Continuing Education
Ask for see a copy of the appraiser’s curriculum vitae or resume`. Appraisers certified through the American Society of Appraisers have taken classes and tests to attain their credentials and must commit to continuing education to maintain them. Changes occur all the time in our field, so knowing that the appraiser you choose is maintaining currency is very important.

Affiliations and Memberships contribute to an appraiser’s network of contacts as well as to their knowledge base when they attend classes and seminars offered by jewelry-related organizations.

Ask to see your appraiser’s credentials. You can verify this appraiser’s membership and current status by calling the American Society of Appraisers at (703) 478-2228 or by visiting the ASA website at